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Do you know how you feel? And why you sometimes feel good, and sometimes you'd rather stay in bed all day? With the emoji's from Feelee you can indicate how you feel in a few clicks. Without words. And you get insight into which habits give you a boost!

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how does it work?

You tell us what you are doing
And we link your feeling to the number of steps and your hours of sleep
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We ask you how you feel three times a day
You choose the emoji that best suits you at that moment
You learn what makes you feel good
So you can choose smarter what you want to do more or less of today and tomorrow!

how does it work?

We ask you how you feel three times a day
Choose the emoji that fits best with how you feel at that moment.
You tell us what you are doing
We connect your feelings to your steps and sleep data
You learn what makes you feel good
This way you can be smarter about how to structure your habits.

with feelee..

you can better name your feelings
Disinterested or bored? Proud or surprised? With Feelee, you don't have to put words to how you feel. Each day, you choose the emoji that best fits your feelings at that moment.
you can have insight into your habits
How does a good night's sleep or an evening of dancing affect you? We link your feelings to how much you exercise and how much you sleep. So you have a better understanding of what your habits are doing to you.
you will feel better about yourself
The new things you learn about yourself with Feelee, you can use when talking to others, such as a counselor, friend or family member. And if you choose the habits that help you more often, you'll feel better about yourself!
"If this app had been around earlier, I would not have struggled so much with recognising emotions. it would have saved me a lot of pain and counseling"
Diantha - 19
"feelee helps me to gain insights into my emotions and it is nice to be able to write down somewhere how you are feeling."
Jayden - 17
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